Using a Pussy Pump for the First Time

by Raunchy Republic Manager on March 21, 2012

The following is a personal account from one of Raunchy Republic’s customers discussing her experience using a Pussy Pump for the first time. She was asked to tell us about using this sex toy for publication here on our sex blog. I first thought about trying a Pussy Pump after seeing them for sale on […]

Japanese Sex Toys

by Contributor on November 2, 2011

My last day in Tokyo, Japan and I was getting ready to leave for my flight back. Leaving the fascinating city of extreme contradictions I took with me memories and stories that I couldn’t wait to share. It was my first time in Japan and although I have heard, seen and read so much about […]

My Ménage a trois with the Bi-sexual Vibrator

by Contributor on October 30, 2011

Thanks to the anonymity that the internet can provide, I can finally unload the burden that I have been carrying with me ever since I started being sexually active. I will share with the world my long-kept secret, hopefully, somebody out there who has been bothered by a similar concern will get to read this. […]

My Straight Boyfriend Gets Some Anal Attention

by Raunchy Republic Manager on October 27, 2011

So I was with my boyfriend last week, walking down Nobby Beach when I saw this super adorable “modern day” Kimono inside a discount shop. It was unlike any other I have ever seen before and with Halloween right around the corner, I had every excuse to buy it. It was short, just barely covered […]

My Vibrator Is Giving Me Something To Sing About

by Raunchy Republic Manager on October 27, 2011

Did that title entice you to see what I am about to say? Good! I want to tell you all about my vibrator; also known as, my battery-operated boyfriend, my ever-faithful lover, my “who needs a man when I have you” device! It’s every woman’s best friend when her significant other is away or completely […]

Discussing Sex Toys With Friends

by Raunchy Republic Manager on February 3, 2011

When it comes to talking about things with friends there aren’t many topics that are considered too sensitive for discussion but is talk of sex toys in, or out? Are your friends likely to join the conversation with a keen interest or simply sit and squirm in their seat? Many people who see themselves as […]

When is Someone Considered Gay?

by Raunchy Republic Manager on January 29, 2011

It may seem obvious to determine however the differing attitudes towards what or who is considered gay, be it male or female, varies depending on who you ask. So what do you consider to be the definition of homosexual? What does it take before someone is seen to be gay or lesbian? For many people […]