Sex Tips

My First Anal Sex Experience

by Raunchy Republic Manager on May 16, 2013

The following is a real-life account of a first-time anal sex experience. It was written by one of our anal toys customers who agreed to reveal her experience anonymously here on the Raunchy Republic sex blog. My first anal sex encounter was probably 4 years after I had lost my virginity so I was very […]

How to Prepare For Anal Sex

by Raunchy Republic Manager on January 14, 2012

If you want to experience anal sex then there are a few steps that will make it a lot more fun. Preparing for anal sex is easy and when done properly will be a lot more hygienic. Ready to get started? To start with here is the short list of anal sex preparation tips, expanded […]

Learn Erotic Massage

by Raunchy Republic Manager on December 25, 2010

When asked most people claim to be able to give a great massage. But is that really the case? Are we really as good as we think we are when it comes to an erotic massage in particular? Well we don’t need to make it up as we go along if we are given just […]

Mutual Masturbation

by Rabbit White on October 13, 2009

Mutual Masturbation is a beautiful invention. Whether it is side by side yet solo or taking turns getting each other off, I think rubbing can sometimes be hotter than intercourse. It is usually more precise, still passionate and gets both parties to come. Yet there is an art to it. Here are some basic tips […]

Sex with Premature Ejaculation

by Rabbit White on October 12, 2009

When I first moved away to attend university in the big city, one of the first things I did, (even before unpacking all of my belongings) was to start scoping for potential mates. Living in a dorm, there were plenty of hot, virile potentials hanging around the halls. From day one, I was on a […]

Creating an Imaginary Threesome

by Rabbit White on October 1, 2009

Over the weekend, my partner and I were browsing sex toys when we hit upon a goldmine of untouched fantasy. We were looking at realistic dildos and marveling over how real they felt when he said “it’s totally like… we could have a threesome.” This instantly excited both of us. While we like to check […]

The Benefits of Scheduling Sex

by Rabbit White on September 19, 2009

To many, scheduling sex sounds very un-sexy. We often think of it as something reserved for disconnected couples as a last hope, or too cold and rigid, something that would suck all of the spontaneity and hotness out of sex. Yet the flip side to this argument is that scheduling sex can lead to hotter, […]

Pegging part 2 – Tools of the Trade

by Rabbit White on September 11, 2009

Pegging is a sex act that is rather…intense. If there is any sex that needs to be talked about in advance and planned for, pegging is that act. It is also a big commitment, in order to engage in the act, you first have to buy a lot of goodies! Because it is an act […]