Censorship Issues

Freedom to Buy Adult Toys

by Raunchy Republic Manager on June 21, 2013

Living in Australia we are priviliged enough to enjoy as much freedom of choice as just about any other nation on the planet. It may not seem like it but the freedom to buy adult toys is one that even other free nations do not permit their citizens to exercise. Take Thailand for example. Thailand […]

Australian Ratings Classification Laws Play Catch Up On Gaming

by Raunchy Republic Manager on June 28, 2012

It has been a long time coming however the Commonwealth Government in Australia has finally made way for an adults only classification for games – much to the delight of the mass of adult gamers. The move is long overdue and finally brings the classification system inline with the gaming trends over the past decade. […]

Internet Filters Already Exist

by Raunchy Republic Manager on August 5, 2009

We have all heard the debate about Australia’s proposed compulsory internet filter. Unlikely aliances have been formed in an effort to prevent any such filter however true to his roots, Senator Stephen Conroy persists in blindly trying to reinvent the wheel- albeit a square wheel in his case. Stephen Conroy’s title is “Minister for Broadband, […]

Is Buying Porn Movies in Australia Legal

by Raunchy Republic Manager on August 1, 2009

Many Australian’s have purchased X rated adult movies (probably far more than care to admit it) however if you ask, most have no idea if it’s legal. So what are the laws in Australia? As you will see, the laws surrounding adult movies in Australia are both strange and contradictory. IMPORTANT! The adult movies we […]