Blog Review: 25 Things about by my Sexuality

by Rabbit White on October 10, 2009

Allow me to introduce you to my new favorite website: 25 things about my sexuality. The site is exactly what it sounds like, anonymous lists of 25 things about each writer’s sexuality. Each lists range from incredibly sexy tidbits to embarrassing confessions to solemn sexual experiences and realizations. Each post is poignant, incredibly real and heartfelt. This blog to me, is among what the internet does best.

A few passages from one woman’s post:

1. I am a bisexual girl, and like most bisexuals I wonder if everyone is a bit bi and suppressing it for whatever reason
6. When I was in elementary school another girl and I would play in her bathroom in very softcore BDSM scenarios. The memory embarrasses me but I am still very submissive and into BDSM porn.
10. I often wonder why sex isn’t considered more like eating. If you were starving no one would look down on you for eating at McDonald’s.
13. The first time I masturbated was because I desperately needed to while reading one of the Harry Potter books. The need to masturbate and the story weren’t connected at all. But I still felt weird.
20. I try to keep from washing my hands for as long as possible after masturbating. I like the smell to remind me of it throughout the day.

It reaches to the voyeur within, it’s like the x-tube of sex writing, and a lot of the stuff here is pure sexual entertainment. Rather than lacy, perfectly planned erotica or coyly crafted sex columns, these pieces are made of of real sexual experiences, along with awkwardness, fumbles, happy or sad memories and bubbling lust. It is raw, reeking of real life which to me is endlessly interesting and hot. The people sharing their experiences come from all ages, genders and sexual identities, which makes the anonymity interesting, would I still find reading these passages hot if I knew who was typing them?

Reading the lists reminds of Kinsey’s research in the 50’s, in regards to discovering what people actually do behind bedroom doors, that whole “what is normal” question. The lists can work to normalize our ideas about sex, and the things we do in private as well as possibly becoming more open minded to things that we are put off by.

What is also interesting is that because of the number of items, you sort of get a mini sexual history of each person. I can’t help but begin micro-psychologizing many of the writers. There is a sense that these are things the writer has probably never told another person before.

Now I’m tempted to write my own list for the site…what would your list of 25 contain?

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