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Sex Toys on Sale Until We Shutdown

by Raunchy Republic Manager on January 8, 2015

Late last year we announced via the Raunchy Republic social media accounts that all of our remaining sex toys are on sale at 35% off until sold. This represents a significant and genuine discount from the recommended retail price for the sex toys we sell. We are no longer ordering new stock or replacing stock that is sold out […]

Buy Adult Sex Toys Using PayPal in Australia

by Raunchy Republic Manager on June 17, 2014

Great news for Australian PayPal users. After listening to feedback from our customers we have decided to add PayPal as a payment method when buying sex toys from the Raunchy Republic online sex shop. While not a permanent feature just yet, we are trialling PayPal in the short term to determine if the service is […]

Keep Your Sex Toys Bacteria Free

by Raunchy Republic Manager on May 26, 2014

Lovers of sex toys will attest that sometimes the urge to use them comes on fast and strong. As a result, the idea of cleaning them before using them may seem like a bit of a mood killer so it makes sense to clean your sex toys after using them. And there are very good […]

Men Buy More Sex Toys Than Women?

by Raunchy Republic Manager on March 9, 2014

Depending on which survey results you want to believe, it is said that in Australia for people under 45 that up to 85% of all retail purchasing decisions are made by females. That’s a pretty amazing figure, and it goes some way to explaining the number of TV commercials that target young women. When you […]

Ask Australia Post

by Raunchy Republic Manager on March 7, 2014

If you have ordered online from Raunchy Republic or any online store for that matter can believe that a reasonable amount of time has passed for an expected delivery date then perhaps you need to visit your nearest post office. It is not uncommon for packages to remain at the post office waiting for collection […]

After Porn Ends – When Pornstars Retire

by Raunchy Republic Manager on June 23, 2013

If you have ever wondered about the lives of pornstars after they decide to quite the adult movie industry then you really need to watch the documentary After Porn Ends (2010). This documentary features some of the biggest names ever to come out of the pornstar ranks and their stories may surprise you. We all […]

Freedom to Buy Adult Toys

by Raunchy Republic Manager on June 21, 2013

Living in Australia we are priviliged enough to enjoy as much freedom of choice as just about any other nation on the planet. It may not seem like it but the freedom to buy adult toys is one that even other free nations do not permit their citizens to exercise. Take Thailand for example. Thailand […]

Male Sex Toys

by Raunchy Republic Manager on June 17, 2013

While views towards sexuality and the various relationships people can have has broadened most people will still assume that sex toys are primarily focused towards women. Looking at the range of sex toys available today the point is well supported however male sex toys are now responsible for an ever increasing sector in the adult […]